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AAR - Against all risk or All and any risk

ARA - Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam

ARB or ARBITRATION - Method of settling disputes

which is usually binding for both parties, a

clause usually in the charter-party

APPROX - Approximately

APS - Arriving pilot station

ARD or ARND - Around

ARTD - After right and true delivery

ASAP - As soon as possible

ASPW - Any safe port in the world

ATA - Actual time of arrival

ATC - Actual time counting

ATD - Actual time of departure

ATL - Atlantic OceanATDNS or ATDNSHINC - Any time day or night Shinc

ATUTC - Actual time used to count

ATUTCH - Actual time used to count half

ATS - All time saved

AUSSIE - Australia

AWB - Airway bill

AGW - All going well

 AA - Always afloat 

 AAAA - Always afloat, always  accessible

 AAOSA - Always afloat or safe aground

 ABT - About

 ABS - American Bureau of Shipping 

 ADCOMM - Address commission

 ACCT or ACC or AC - Account

 ADDENDUM - Additional added chartering

 terms to a charter-party

 AF - Advance freight

 AFAA - As far as applicable

 AFSPS - Arriving first sea pilot station

 AFRA - Average freight rate assessments

 AG - Arabian Gulf

 AGROUND - Touching or fast to the bottom

 AHL - Australien hold ladders

 AH-TUG - Anchor Handling Tug

 ALT - Altered

 A/O - and/or

 AOH - After office hours

 ANTHAM - Antwerp-Hamburg range

 APS - Arrived pilot station


A company within the Stevns Holding Group

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