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  Offshore, Towage & Salvage Service:


  We can offer you more than 40 years of expirence

  in this field, below we have listed some of our

  main activities.


  - Salvage operation world wide with either own or

    chartered tonnage for account of several close



  - Towing of various feeding equipment for the fish

    farm industry on behalf of Scandinavian, Scottish

    and French manufacturers.


  - Ice breaking in Scandinavian waters/ports.


  - Standby/guard vessels for cable layers/offshore.


  - Rig moves in North sea/worldwide upon




 - Port and terminal towage/assistance in

   Scandinavian Ports.


  - Cable laying.


  - Contracting with Telecom Networks for repair

    of sea cables.


  - Supporting tele and power cable installation

    at sea.


  - Working in the offshore wind industry since

    2005 supporting installation platforms latest

    in the Thanet and Barrow Wind farms.


  - Crew boat charter, own tonnage together

    with chartered vessels.


A company within the Stevns Holding Group

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