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 BACKLETTER - Where a seller/shipper issues a Letter

 of Indemnity in favour of the carrier in exchange for a

 clean Bill of Lading

 BAF - Bunker Adjustment factor, A fuel surcharge

 added or subtracted from the freight amount

 BALE - Cubic Capacity of a vessels hold to carry

 packaged dry cargo such as bales or pallets

 BALLAST - Weight, often seawater needed for stability

 and safty for trading a vessel which have no cargo or

 only part-cargo onboard

 BB or BALLAST BONUS - Compensation paid by

 Charterers for relatively long ballast voyage, prior 

 loading Charterers cargo

 BALTIME - Time charter party

 BBB - Before breaking bulk

 BC - Bulk Carrier or British Columbia

 BDI - Both dates inclusive

 BEAM or BM - The maximum breadth of a vessel 

 BE or BENDS - Both ends

 BEH - Basis empty holds

 B4 - Before

 BFC - Baltimore Form C Berth Grain Charter Party




 BGD - Bagged

 BHP - Brake horse power

 BHD - Bulkhead

 BIFFEX - Baltic International Freight Futures Exchange

 BIMCO - Baltic & International Maritime Council,  Copenhagen

 BLT - Built

 BLK - Bulk

 BLY - Barley 

 B/L - Bill of lading B/N - Booking note

 BNDLS - Bundles BNA - British North America

 BOB - Bunkers on board

 BOW - The forward part of a ship

 BOD - Board of Directors or Bunker on delivery

 BOR - Bunker in redelivery

 BOX - Box shaped holds

 BOFFERS OR BO - best offers

 BROKERAGE - Percentage of freight payable to the broker

 BSS or BSS 1/1 - Basis one loadport and one discharge port

 BRT - Brutto register tons

 BV - Bureau Veritas

 BWAD - Brackish water arrival draft 


A company within the Stevns Holding Group

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