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CA - Central America (i.e. WCCA, or ECCA depending which side) or Current account

CAF - Currency adjustment factor, can affect freight

CAD - Cash against documents

CAP or CAPA - Capacity

CBD - Cash before delivery

CBM - Cubic Metres

CBFT - Cubic Feet

CFR or C&F - Cost and Freight

CHABE - Charterers agents both ends

CHART - A map used for navigation

CHRTS - Charterers

C AND F - Coast and freight

CHOPT - Charterers option

CIF - Cost, insurance and freight, Seller pays all these cost to a nominated port or place of discharging

CL - Clause

COMPL - Completing

CONCS - Concentrates

CONT - Continent




COA - Contract of Affreightment, Owners agree to accept a freight rate for cargo carried for a specific number of voyages or tons

COACP - Contract of Affreightment Charter Party

COB - Closing of Bussiness

COD - Cash on delivery

C/SGNEE or CONSIGNEE - Name of agent, company or person receiving consignnment

CONS - Consumption

COGSA - Carriage of Goods by Sea Act

COP - Custom of port

C ore 7 - Ore Charter Party

CP OR C/P - Charter Party

CPD - Charterers pay dues

CQD - Customary quick despatch

CR - Current rate

CROB - Cargo remainning on board

CRN - Crane

CTR - Container

CVE - Communication/Victualling/entertainment



A company within the Stevns Holding Group

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