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D/A - Disbursement account

DAA - Discharge always afloat

DAPS - Days all purposes, Total days for loading and discharging

DEL or DELY  - Delivery

DEF - Definitely

DETENSION or DAMFORDET - Damage for detension, Penalty to Charterers if  they are not ready to load or receive the cargo when vessel ready

DEL - Delivery

DELREDEL - Delivery and redelivery

DEM - Demurrage

DEP - Departure

DES - Despatch

DETS - Details

DEV - Deviation

DFRT or DEADFREIGHT - Space booked by Charterer / Shippers on a vessel but not used

DHD - Demurrage half despatch

DHDLTS - Demurrage half despatch laytime saved

DHDATSBE - Despatch half demurrage on all time saved both ends

DHDWTSBE - Despatch half demurrage on working time saved both ends

DISCH - Discharge



DIR - Direct or Director

DISP - Displacement 

DLY - Daily

DNV - Det Norske Veritas

DNRCAOSLONL or DNRCAOVLONL - Discountless and non returnable cargo and or ship/vessel lost or not lost

DO - Diesel oil

DOP - Dropping outward pilotDLOSP - Dropping last outward sea pilot

DOLSP - Dropping off last sea pilot

DEQ - Delivered ex Quay

DES - Delivered ex Ship

DRAFT - The Depth of the vessel in the water, same depending on cgo loaded onboard and whether vsl lying still or sailing in saltwater, brakishwater or freshwater

DRK - Derrick

DTBA - Date to be agreed or Date to be advised

Dunnage - Mostly consist of timber which is placed between hold side and cargo and between the breakbulk cgo inorder same stowed proper in ordder to avoid cgo shifting in the hold under bad weather conditions

DWAT - Deadweight all told

DWCC - Deadweight cargo capacity

DW or DWT - Deadweight


A company within the Stevns Holding Group

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