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FAC - Fast as can

FAS - Free alongside ship

FC - Full cargo

FCC - First class charterers (Useless phrase) or Full and complete cargo.

FCL - Full container load

FD - Free discharge

FDD - Freight, demurrage and defense (a type of insurance for legal expenses available from a P & I club)

FDEDANRSAOCLONL or FDEDANRVACLONL - Freight deemed earned, dicountless and non returnable ship/vessel and  or cargo lost or not lost

FEAST - Far East

FEU - Forty foot container equivalent units

FAF - Fuel adjustment factor

FHEX - Fridays and holidays excepted (i.e. excluded)

FHINC - Friday and holidays included

FERTICON - Fertilizer charter party

FERTS - Fertilizers

FHINC - Friday and holidays included

FIFO - First in first out

FISLO - Free in stowed liner out

FIO - Free in and out

FIOS - Free in and out and free stowed

FIOST - Free in and out, stowed and trimmed

FIOT - Free in and out and free trimmed



FILO - Free in and Liner out

FIT - Free in and trimmed

FIW - Free in wagon

FIXING - Chartering a vessel

FLWG or FOLL - Following

FM - From or Fine measurement

FL - Free load

FLT - Full liner terms

FO - Free out or For order or Fuel oil

FOFFER - Firm offer

FORCE MAJEURE - Clause limiting reponsibility

FOB - Free on board

FONASBA - Federation of National Associations of

Shipbrokers and Agents, located in Rotterdam

FOW - First open water or Free of wharf

FP - Free pratique

FR - First refusal

FRT - Freight

FREE EXINS - Free extra insurance

FW - Fresh water

FWAD - Fresh water arrival draft

FWDD - Fresh water departure draft

FYI - For your information

FYG - For your guidance


A company within the Stevns Holding Group

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