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GA - General average

GA PLAN - General arrangement plan

GEAR - General term for blocks, tackle and other equipment can also be refering to vessels cargo

gear like cranes, winches and derricks

GCN - Gencon charter-party

GR - Grain

GIB - Gibraltar

GMT - Greenwich mean time

GRD - Geared, refering to vessel able to load and discharge by own means, with cranes or winches

and derricks

GL - Gross load

GLESS - Gearless describes a ship which lacks the equipment (gear) that could load and discharge

its own cargo.

GNS - German north sea

GRAINVOY - Grain charter party

GO - Gas oil (a type of fuel similar to, but usually more expensive than marine diesel oil)

GRT - Gross registered ton(s) or GT Gross tonnage

GSB - Good and safe berth


GSBAA - Good safe berth always afloat

GSBAAAA - Good and safe berth always afloat always accesible

GTEE - Guarantee

GVW - Gross vehicle weight


A company within the Stevns Holding Group

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