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 Nordane Shipping A/S. was established in 1980, as a Shipmangement and chartering company to serve various ship  owning constalations behind the family, whose roots officially dates back to 1892 on the peninsula Stevns, about one  hour's drive south of Copenhagen.


 Since the first official ship's purchase in 1892 the family has so far had five active generations of owners in a straight

 line, named Niels or Thomas after the grandfather. The five generations have since 1892 in total owned or part-

 owned a fleet of more than 115 cargo ships, tugboat's, supply/anchor handlers, seismic ships, ferryboats and

 crew/tender boats.


 From 1949 the name Stevns has formed a part of all names of ships controlled by the family. In 1957 the family

 moved from Stevns to Svendborg and have since then operated out of Svendborg.


 In case you are interested in more history and details about the family and its fleet, it has since 2011 been possible to

 buy a book about the five generations of owners 'Danish Shipping Companies, Volume 10' written by Bent Mikkelsen

 and published by the editor Betty Nordgas with ISBN 978-87-992726-4-8 in a combined English/Danish version.


A company within the Stevns Holding Group

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