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LAKES - Great lakes (US/Canada)

LASH - To hold cargo in position by using ropes, wires, chainsor straps etc.

LAT - Latitude

LYCN or LAYCAN - Layday Cancelling date

LAYTIME - Time at Charterers disposal for purpose of loading and/or discharging

LBP - Length between perpendiculars

L/C - Letter of Credit, or laydays cancelling date

LCR - Lowest current rateLD - Load

LDD - Loaded

LF - Load factor, Percentage of cargo e.g. 4.000 mts carried on a vessel of 10.000 mts capacity has a

factor of 40 percent

LGM - Lawful general merchandise

LIEN - Retention of property until outstanding debt is paid

LNG - Liquefied Natural Gas

LOA - Length overall

LOF - Lloyds open form

LH - Lower hold

LIFO - Liner in free out

LOH - Loss of hire

LOI - Letter of Indemnity

LOT - Load on top

LOW - Last open water

LOLO - Lift on Lift off or Load on load off

LS or LUMPS - Lumpsum freight

LSD - Lashed, secured and dunnaged

LT - Long ton or Liner terms

LTHH - Liner terms hook/hook

LTS - Laytime saved

LW - Low water

LWH - Lenght, width, height


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