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MANIFEST - Inventory of cargo onboard the vessel

MAX - Maximum

MB - Merchant Broker

MBT - Motorblock turnings

MARAD - Maritime Administration (branch of U.S. Dept. of Transportation concerned with shipping)

MARPOL - The International Convention for Prevention of Pollution from ships 1973 as modified by the Protocol of 1978

MBT - Motor blocks & turnings (types of scrap)

MDO - Marine diesel oil

MED - Mediterranean (sea)

MECH - Mechanical

MESSRS Messieurs or Gentlemen or Sirs

MEMO - Memorandum

MIDSHIP - Approximately in the location equally distant from the bow and stern

MIC - Man in charge

MIN - Minute or minimum

MLD - Moulded

MOL - More or less

MOM - Moment

MOS - Months

MPP - Multi purpose

MIN/MAX - Minimum/maximum (Cargo quantity)

MOA - Memorandum of Agreement (Contract form used for the purchase and sale of ships)

MOLOO - More or less, quantity in owners option

MOORING - Securing a ship to a mooring buoy or a pier

MOLCHOPT - More or less quantity in Charterers option

MR - Mate's receipt

MST - Measurement

MT - Metric ton (1000 kilograms)

MV - Motor Vessel


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