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SA - South America or South Africa

S/A - Subject to approval

SATPM - Saturday PM

SB - Safe berth

SBT - Segregated ballast tank

SD or SID - Singledecker

SF - Stowage factor

SELFD - Selfdischarger or selfdischarging

SHEX - Sundays and Holidays excepted (i.e. excluded)

SSHEX - Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays excepted

SHINC - Sundays and Holidays included

SSHINC - Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays included

SMA - Society of Maritime arbitrators, Inc.

SL - Salvage loss

SLD - Sailed

SLSD - Stowed lashed secured and dunnaged

SOLAS - Safety of Life at Sea Convention

SP - Safe port

S&P - Sale and purchase

SRBL - Signing and releasing bills of lading

ST - Short ton




STB - Starboard

STEM - Subject to enough marchandise (Cargo availability)

SOC - Shippers own container

SOF - Statement of Facts

SOL - Shipowner's liability

SOUSPALAN - Under hook discharge

SPD - Speed

SVP - Single voyage permit

SUB - Subject to stem shippers/receivers app or anything which not yet reconfirmed

SUPERCARGO - A person employed by Owners or Charterers to supervise on the cargo handling operation also called a port captain

SSW - Summer Salt water

SWAD - Salt water arrival draft

SWL - Safe working load

SWDD - Salt water departure draft


A company within the Stevns Holding Group

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