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 We ensure qualified crew

 This translates into our ability to cope with dynamic  international regulations and always be prepared

 for future  demands.

 We are providers of competent officers and crew,  certified as required and also with qualifications

 as considered necessary for the vessel and the 

 trade, arranging their training via our close related  crew agencies world wide and repatriation as well

 as all related functions, as required, including

 union relations, medical  examinations, etc.


 Rotation Plans

 Crew recruitment and procedures for joining ship and  repatriating  crew, ensuring availability of sufficiently  qualified crew onboard to respond to emergencies.


 Crew Training

 We work with a number of Crew agencies world wide  for the past 25 years and visit them on a frequent

 basis, to assure  the crew have proper  qualification,  certification and  training before boarding any of our  own or vessels under our mangement.


A company within the Stevns Holding Group

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