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 Technical Consultancy based on know-how and experience



 The fact that we operate a fleet of vessels of our own as well a number of vessels in ship management, makes us know

 first hand what the challenges for ship owners and managers are.  Based on a highly skilled staff and close relations

 with naval architects and engineers, we offer consultancy for most technical areas, including but not limited to:


 - General ship engineering consultancy

 - New building consultancy

 - Technical consultancy for conversions, dry docking and repair

 - Ship inspections (incl. pre-purchase)

 - Ballast water management plans


 Inspecting and docking vessels require experience and know-how


 - Nordane Shipping A/S is actively engaged in inspecting many types of vessels. Our extensive experience with  many

   vessel types gives us the power to know exactly where to look to ensure proper operation of the ship.

   All our inspections are well documented, and we offer advice along with the inspection reports.

 - When relevant, we are happy to take charge of both docking and inspection of vessels.

 - We can carry out thickness measurements onboard - also during a ships voyage.

 - High quality performance and competitive prices are keywords in the high demand for our services


 - Dock preparation and execution.


A company within the Stevns Holding Group

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