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WWWW - whether in berth or not, whether custom cleared or not, whether in free

praqtiqe or not, whether in port or not.

WMED - West Mediterranean

WCSA - West Coast of South America

WIBON - Whether in berth or not

WIFPON - Whether in free pratique or not

WLTHC - Water line to atch coaming

WENCHON - Whether entered Custom House or not

WCCON - Whether cleared customs or not

W/M - Weight or measurement

WP - Weather permitting

WRI - War risk insurance

WW - Weather working, or world-wide

WWP - Weather permitting day

WWD - Weather working day

WWR - When where ready

WOG - Without guarantee

WTS - Working time saved

WTSBE - Working time saved both ends

WTBA - Wording to be agreed

WTY - Warranty

WCYO - What can you offer


A company within the Stevns Holding Group

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